Running Number



Box Flat


ex Redbank Stores

Current Status

Currently stored at Queensland Pioneer Steam Railway’s Box Flat compound.


Unfortunately, water has ingressed into the first cylinder bank via the exhaust and turbocharger, which has now seized the engine. Attempts were made to release it, however, the only option is a full engine rebuild.


The electrical systems will most likely need to rewired at this stage due to deteriorating insulation. There are also missing components that have been removed from the locomotive during storage.


Built by QR’s Redbank workshops and completed in January 1985, 1225 is a ‘one off’ loco, rebuilt from 1200 class loco 1208 with parts from 1250 class locos, 1252 and 1253. As part of the rebuild, the loco was also changed from a car body to a hood unit. As with all 1200 and 1250 class locos, 1225 has a Co-Co axle configuration but its powerplant is the more powerful 1145 kW (1535 HP) EE 12SVT (4-stroke) engine that was found in the 1250 Class locos. 1225 spent most of its working life-based at Willowburn (Toowoomba) hauling mainly freight to and from Brisbane and down as far south as Wallangarra but only a couple of years after its birth 1225 was withdrawn from service in November 1987 and was left to quietly deteriorate at QR’s Redbank Workshops.