$40 per year
  • Ideal for those with Work / Lifestyle commitments or Physical restrictions



$30 per year
  • For those interested in playing an active part with our projects.

Membership Form


We aim Associate Membership towards people who may not be able to commit to the regular activities of the group because of lifestyle, work or physical restraints.

We charge a slightly higher membership fee to offset the 12-hour Working Bee obligation per 12 months of membership.

We aim our General Membership towards people who are interested in being actively involved with the Queensland Rollingstock Preservation Group’s activities throughout their membership.

A General Membership does come with an obligation that a member will attend at least two 6-hour Working Bees during the duration of each 12-month membership cycle. 


Members who were involved with the Group before incorporation are recognised by having the word “Founding” preceding their elected membership type.

Founding Members are still considered financial members as they have voted to contribute to the annual membership fees of the Group.

The Queensland Rollingstock Preservation Group will automatically admit rollingstock owners as members of the Group if their assets come under the Group’s management.

QRPG will look for the best possible outcome for the member’s assets, during the term of the agreement.

A member who has been deemed by the Management Committee to have substantially contributed towards the establishment, operation and / or administration of the group.