The Queensland Rollingstock Preservation Group has been set up to facilitate the preservation of any suitable example of Queensland’s railway rollingstock and any associated memorabilia in a way that maintains its integrity and originality.

This is carried out by having items of significance or interest listed under control of the Group whilst at the same time locating individuals, groups or organisations who are willing to take physical possession of, restore, maintain and/or display them as they were when last in service.

The ultimate goal is to have control of all articles retained under The Queensland Rollingstock Preservation Group name and to long term loan them to interested parties in a way that benefits the interests of Railway Preservation. Some items may be used to earn revenue for the benefit of the Group and the owner of the item.

Whilst the Group has control of all assets under its name, some of these items could be privately owned. These articles can be loaned or leased to other parties for the reasons as previously explained.

The control of the assets fall into the following 4 categories:

Outright ownership and complete Executive Control - OC

An asset is purchased outright by the Management Committee using group funds and control over the asset is handled at the Committee level.

Partial Ownership with Executive and Member Control - PC

An asset purchase is initiated by a Member or the Management Committee with funding shared by both parties. Control of the asset is by agreement between the Member and the Management Committee.

Member owned, and Member controlled - MC

An asset is purchased by a Member outright and is Member controlled. The asset however is represented under the Queensland Rollingstock Preservation Group Inc. banner.

Member owned and controlled, stored on a QRPG Site - MO

An asset is purchased outright by a Member, who retains full control over the item. An agreement between the Management Committee and the Member allows for an asset to be stored on a group controlled site/lease.

Control of the assets fall into 4 categories
Control of the assets fall into 4 categories
Group Ownership
Member Ownership
Group Control
Member Control
Access to Group owned/leased StorageBy agreement